What is a quanta of neural computation

What is a quanta of neural computation

Looking for the computational unit of the brain

12th October - King’s College London

Currently there is no agreement between neuroscientists as to what can be described as a computational unit of the brain. Historically, single neurons have claimed the title as the functional unit of the nervous system, whilst more modern imaging methods have pointed towards neuronal ensembles as being a more robust feature to focus on. Furthermore, the participation of glia in information encoding has been largely ignored, whilst others argue that a more thorough decomposition of behaviour is necessary before we can even begin to understand the brain’s computation.

More often than not, the cross-talk between researchers working on these different levels of abstraction is quite spare, and we believe bringing researchers together to discuss these questions will help promote collaboration and further our understanding of the important questions in neuroscience, that can’t be solved just by looking from one point of view.

Speakers: Elisa Galliano, Yoh Isogai Short talks: Nick Steinmetz, Victoria Gonzalez, Kostantinos Lagogiannis, Pablo Izquierdo

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This event will take place at King’s College London on the 12th of October 2018

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